Our Future Home

River Valley owns 9 acres on the corner of Wells Lake Road and McClure Drive.  This is a prime spot right in the middle of some great developments and growth within Chaffee Crossing. We are excited to be planning and moving forward toward building on our land and having a powerful presence in this great community.  

If you would like to know any more about our plans please feel free to ask. If you would like to help make this possible, consider donating toward our building fund. 

Join us for the future

Check out this video of our land. Video

Below we have two pictures of our current design.  

The first is an outside view of the building looking toward the entrance. It is our hope that the design is attractive and fits in well with the area. The second is the floor plan of our proposed building. We plan for a 250 person worship space, a multi-use lobby with access to a courtyard for fellowship, a children's wing with several classrooms for our children's ministry, and a small administration space as well. This design will met our present needs as well as provide space for growth.