The mission of River Valley Community Church is to lead people to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ

This mission drives and guides all that we do. Our ministries are designed with this mission in mind. Whether it is the children's church or the Small Group ministry, we are seeking to lead people in discipleship and maturity in Christ. This mission can only be carried out when the whole of the membership is on board and dedicated to fulfilling it in our community. 

Table, Pulpit, and Square

How does River Valley carry out this mission? By living out our faith in the 3 arenas we all live in: table, pulpit, and square. 

The table is our Small Groups and Discipleship. This is our fellowship with one another and caring for one another. 

The pulpit is us worshiping together. We come together to sing songs that point to Christ and to receive the message from the Word of God. 

The square is the community in which we live and serve. We want to be reaching out to our neighbors, co-workers, and family. 

This is adapted from Joe Thorn's The Life of the Church