Children's Ministry

River Valley Kids Worship

We have fun, interactive experiences for the children of River Valley. An experienced team of adults lead the ministry. The curriculum involves active learning geared to help kids enjoy capturing the truths of the Bible in a friendly environment with songs, activities, and teaching experiences. Our leaders are well-prepared, passionate about the kids, and excited to partner with parents in helping kids better understand God and how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. This if for all elementary kids.


Our preschool classroom is designed with them in mind. Each week they will have a bible lesson taught to them in ways they can understand and gain in their knowledge of God and Jesus. 

Toddler's, 2's, & 3's

This is our intermediate room for those who are too big for the nursery and yet not mature enough for the preschool room. They have a time of play and story telling with lessons that help them connect. 


We have a nursery that is staffed by loving parents and adult volunteers available during our main Worship Services. We encourage those with young children to volunteer, helping us provide this service to all parents each week.

NOTE: all those who work with minors at River Valley do so only after completing a screening process for safety and training.

Questions? Contact Bruce Brown @479.806.8791 or